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Garreg Fach, Llangadfan, Powys, Wales. SY21 0QH UK
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Home of the Garreg Fach flock of Rare Breed Registered Pedigree Greyface Dartmoor Sheep in Llangadfan, Mid Wales, UK.

The Greyface Dartmoor is a delightful and beautiful breed of sheep, quiet and easy to handle. The Greyface Dartmoor is a hardy breed suited to grazing uplands and able to cope with most weather conditions. The breed is known for being placid and easy to bucket train.

  • A sturdy longwool breed with a long, lustrous fleece.
  • Ewes weigh around 60-70kg and rams, 75-100kg.
  • The white face should be the only part of the sheep that is free of wool.
  • There should be distinctive black or grey speckling around the nose.

The Greyface Dartmoor is known for its ability to survive and reproduce in adverse weather conditions and historically it was the best suited breed to utilise hill and mountain grazing.

The Greface Dartmoor breed was badly affected in the UK 2001 Foot and Mouth epidemic and is currently at Category 4 on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust's list of endangered breeds.

At Garreg Fach our aim is in breeding quality and not quantity; we have excellent stock and are working within the guidelines of the breed society to safeguard the pure bred Greyface Dartmoor, producing pedigree registered sheep.

Should you be looking for additions to your flock please contact us.

Greyface Dartmoor Sheep...

"The Greyface Dartmoor is a rare breed of domestic sheep originating around Dartmoor in South West England. Also known as the "Improved Dartmoor", this is a large and longwool breed, known for its distinctive facial markings. It eats less and produces more wool than any other sheep for its body weight. It is the only medium-sized luster wool sheep in the British Isles."

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Garreg Fach

Tel: 07545 431576
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Flock Mark: 715337
DSBA: 01146 Garreg Fach

About Garreg Fach

Garreg Fach is a small hill farm nestled in the Cambrian Mountains in the heart of Wales in the UK.

Since 2013 the Martin family have made Garreg Fach their home and also home to a breeding flock of Rare Breed Registered Pedigree Greyface Dartmoor Sheep.

At the heart of the sheep keeping is Meirwen Martin who looks after the breeding program, keeps the flock book, animal health records, animal movement records and looks after the day to day management of the flock.

If you are interested in Registered Rare Breed Pedigree Greyface Dartmoor Sheep then please contact us.

Rare Breed Survival Trust     Member of The Dartmoor Sheep Breeders Association     Registered With Rral Wales Welsh Government     National Farmers Union Wales